Hva gjør ingrediensene i ageLOC Vitality?

Under finner du en studie gjort av en homeopat som rett og slett har googlet frem fordelene ved de ingrediensene du finner i ageLOC Vitality. Read and enjoy!

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Who do you know who could benefit from ageLOC Vitality?
I found over 15 million web pages talking about the individual ingredients of ageLOC Vitality and the health benefits of each ingredient individually. Nu Skin has combined these 3 amazing ingredients and identified the right part of each plant to create Vitality.
The following are not claims by Nu Skin, they are simply what I have found online researching for my own knowledge.  ageLOC Vitality is not designed or intended to treat disease.

v Cordyceps
1. Cordyceps Improves the Respiratory Function – research have identified Cordyceps Sinensis being able to boost or alleviate the symptoms of respiratory system connected illnesses, these embrace Chronic Bronchitis and Asthma.
2. Cordyceps increases cellular oxygen – Users oxygen absorption improved by 40% after using cordyceps as treatment.  Lack of breath and respiratory issues along with people who have asthma conjointly noted improvement. Whilst helping to carry oxygen into the body, cordyceps sinensis is a powerful anti oxident which has been identified to guard PC12 cells against damage caused by oxidation.
3. Cordyceps Improves the Functioning of the Heart – Cordyceps sinensis has been showed to provide wide-ranging benefits in clinical studies based mostly on heart rhythm disturbances, such as cardiac arrhythmias and chronic heart failure.
4. Cordyceps Helps Maintain Cholesterol – Four assessments demonstrated glorious results, Cordyceps sinensis was able to lower total cholesterol by 10-21% and triglycerides by 9%-26%. While HDL-cholesterol (“good cholesterol”) improved by 27%-30%.  Also found improvements in Liver Functions, assessments showed cordyceps helped with Hepatitis and Cirrhosis Sub chronic and chronic hepatitis.
5. Chronic kidney diseases recovery – Following one month of Cordyceps treatment, Chronic kidney disease patients displayed health enhancements of 51%.
6. Cordyceps Diminishes Tumor Mass in Cancer Patients – Several clinical indepth clinical studies are concluded in China and Japan with 50 lung cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy were administered CSE (Cordyceps sinensis mycelium) at the side of their treatment, this resulted in decreased tumor sizes in 46% of users. Whilst an additional study, the bulk of cancer patients who had varied sorts of tumors found the application of 6 grams of cordyceps sinensis over 2 months cured subjective symptoms. White blood cell counts were maintained and tumor size was significantly decreased in about 1/2 of the clients.  Clinical studies also reported that cordyceps sinensis improved the overall reactivity of the immune system in cancer patients.
Numerous research into the consequences of Cordyceps Sinensis on cancer patients have proved a positive effect and even a cure could be derived from mushrooms but in particular cordyceps sinensis has revealed a tremendous talent to diminish tumor size while not affecting or being affected by different courses of treatment. This also applies to leukemia / human leukemic cases where patients have reported astounding results when using cordyceps as a form of treatment.
7. Immune System – Increases Natural Killer cell activity, helps in making additional MUSCLE – Increases Power ATP in cells additionally building healthier/younger cells.  Your capability to guard against infections and tumors depends on the availability of Natural Killer (NK) Cells. These are essentially first-line of defense for our body.
Many studies of Cordyceps sinensis have centered explicitly on Natural Killer cells and Cordyceps function and result on Cancer formation, one in-vitre study exhibited Cordyceps capability to significantly increase Naturally Killer cell activity and formation in normal people and in Leukemia sufferers as well.
These assessments came to the conclusion that natural Cordyceps improved the Natural Killer cell activity of normal patients by 74%, however leukemia sufferers benefited from this treatment because Natural Killer Cell activity increased by 400%. Similar enhancements of NK cell activities was found in big melanoma cancer.
8. Improvements in the Immune System – In 1998 Dr Zhu of the Journal of Various and complementary drugs was quoted as saying, “As a result of the higher than profound influence on immune functions, natural Cordyceps merchandise have been used in many clinical conditions in patients with altered immune functions.”
9. Anti-ageing – The Initial Anti-Aging Supplement Known to Mankind.  Scientific studies has concluded Cordyceps Sinensis has anti-ageing capabilities including enhancements in the lessening of exhaustion 92%, improvement from feeling cold 89%, enhancement in dizziness 83%, were recorded when elderly patients who suffered fatigure and some senility symptoms were given Cordyceps for 30 days. Patients with respiratory/respiration issues felt physically stronger and a few were able to run for 600 ft.  Anti-oxident properties have also been noted.
10. Cordyceps Guards against Free Radical Injury – Varied cancer medicine studies have revealed Cordyceps sinensis capacity to protect against Free Radical Damage.  Studies have surmised that cordyceps sinensis is able to guard against free radical injury in the body, and is infact a superfood.
11. Cordyceps Reduces Weariness – Several assessments with animals have displayed that Cordyceps sinensis will increase the cellular energy production and oxygen supply. A double blind, placebo monitored investigation demonstrated  a marked reduction in tiredness in elderly patients after they were given 3 grams of Cordyceps daily. In another study, Cordyceps sinensis enhanced shortness of breath and reduced exhaustion in patients plagued by chronic heart breakdown
12. Cordyceps Helps Discomforts from Tired Legs – Studies have shown Cordyceps sinensis being able to improve the blood flow within the human body, it achieves this by relaxing the muscles permitting blood vessels to expand, resulting in enhancements of operation in the guts and respiritory system (lungs). Cordyceps has the capability to forestall or cut back the contraction of blood vessels that impede/interfere the flow of blood within the lower half of the body/legs that is the main cause of tired legs.
13. Endurance & Stamina, Sports enhancement – Reduces muscle ache, Enhances Recovery, Promotes Better Oxygen efficiency.  Studies have proved that cordyceps does contribute to added endurance and stamina seen by people taking cordyceps  Additional clinical studies have also concluded that the reduction in muscle soreness once workouts were the consequences of improved recovery which resulted from better oxygen absorption on the cellular level. This makes cordyceps sinensis extremely useful for athletes or people in high stress jobs, as cordyceps sinensis effects on endurance and stamina has been tested on the world athletics stage with surprisingly fantastic results.
14. Fitness, sports improvement – Improvements in fitness are noted with effects like increased ATP Synthesis in cells, whilst promoting faster energy recovery after doing exercise/training when taking cordyceps before or after a session. Reduction of exhaustion whilst enhancing Physical Function. The results haven’t been short term therefore cordyceps sinensis provides a lot of stamina as a direct result of its healing abilities.
15. Cordyceps radically increases cellular energy – Cellular energy, that is additionally known scientifically as the ATP/IP ratio. Cordyceps has been clinically proven to extend cellular Bio-Energy by as 55%.
16. Cordyceps helps Sexual Dysfunction – 3 clinical studies were conducted in China – double blind and placebo teams totalling 200 males with reduced libido or other sexual problems demonstrated remarkable results, a mean of 64% Cordyceps-users documented considerable enhancements at the conclusion of the study contrasted with the placebo group of 24%. In a further double blind placebo controlled study with 21 elderly women, 90% reported significant improvements once using Cordyceps in contrast with 0% within the control group.
17. Hormones, Sexual Function and Sex Problems – Assessments into Cordyceps and its effects on the endocrine system in men and woman have revealed dramatic enhancements in harmonizing hormone levels which could counsel its capability to treat cancers.  Studies has conjointly noted improved sexual libido & fertility in assessments for both men and women, men in particular have improved spem count with vital increases in survival rate of the sperm.

v Panax Ginseng
1.     Physical restorative and preventative tonic for health and illness prevention
2.     Healthy for heart and good circulation
3.     Normalises blood pressure
4.     Reduces cholesterol
5.     Lowers blood sugar
6.     Helps to prevent arteriosclerosis
7.     Improves vision and hearing activity
8.     Improves working ability and energizes physically and mentally
9.     Checks irritability, stress and is good for depression
10.  Sexual stimulant, enhances sexual desire and improves impotency and low sperm count
11.  Improves athletic performance and increases endurance and stamina
12.  Helps with the discomforts of menopause
13.  May inhibit tumor growth, good cancer preventative effects
14.  Panax ginseng for memory and nervous system: It is a nervous system stimulant and brain tonic with antihypnotic properties. Ginseng increase brain activity, improves concentration, and enhances memory.
15.  Panax ginseng for energy and motor system: Ginseng is energizing and revitalizing. Ginseng improves physical performance.
16.  Panax ginseng for diabetes and endocrine system: Ginseng is antidiabetic and adaptogen. Ginseng regulates bodily function.
17.  Circulatory system: It treats disorders related to cholesterol and anemia.
18.  Immune system: Ginseng helps in combating infection and boosting the immune system. Ginseng helps in achieving high levels of immunity.
19.  Impotence and reproductive System: Ginseng is a natural aphrodisiac, increases sexual desire, and enhances potency.
20.  Erectile dysfunction: Ginseng helps in treatment of erectile dysfunction and increases orgasm time.
21.  Ginseng helps in weight loss.
22.  Skin care: Ginseng root extract is used in natural skin care products because ginseng contains many structural substances and vitamins that maintain elasticity, vitality, and regeneration capacity of our skin cells.
23.  Increasing resistance to stress (including physical and emotional stress)
24.  Stimulating the immune system
25.  Improving overall mental health and functioning (including improving memory)
26.  Improving overall health and well-being
27.  Slowing the aging process.

v Pomegranate fruit
1. Fights Breast Cancer – Studies in Israel show that pomegranate juice destroys breast cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. It may also prevent breast cancer cells from forming.
2. Lung Cancer Prevention – Studies in mice show that pomegranate juice may inhibit the development of lung cancer.
3. Slows Prostate Cancer – It slowed the growth of prostate cancer in mice.
4. Keeps PSA Levels Stable – In a study of 50 men who had undergone treatment for prostate cancer, 8 ounces of pomegranate juice per day kept PSA levels stable, reducing the need for further treatment such as chemotherapy or hormone therapy.
5. Protects the Neonatal Brain – Studies show that maternal consumption of pomegranate juice may protect the neonatal brain from damage after injury.
6. Prevention of Osteoarthritis – Several studies indicate that pomegranate juice may prevent cartilage deterioration.
7. Protects the Arteries – It prevents plaque from building up in the arteries and may reverse previous plaque buildup.
8. Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention – It may prevent and slow Alzheimer’s disease.
9. Lowers Cholesterol – It lowers LDL (bad cholesterol) and raises HDL (good cholesterol).
10. Lowers Blood Pressure – One study showed that drinking 1.7 ounces of pomegranate juice per day lowered systolic blood pressure by as much as 5 percent.
11. Dental Protection – Research suggests that drinking pomegranate juice may be a natural way to prevent dental plaque.


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